A smart marketplace for consumer finance leads to be exchanged in real-time

Pingtree Technology

Our platform, based on “pingtree” technology, connects online lead generators, brokers, lenders and consumers in one marketplace. The real-time lead exchange maximises lead revenue for sellers whilst enabling buyers to build a targeted lead delivery channel that offers high conversion rates.

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Lead Sellers

Lead generators, Lenders, Brokers

Lead Buyers

Short-Term Loan, Personal Loan and Secured Loan Lenders

Who are the Overflow team?

We are a team of experienced leaders with a proven record in consumer finance. We built our proprietary platform to help online lead sellers maximise their lead potential whilst offering a dynamic and filtered lead channel to buyers. The perfect synergy.

Innovation and customer service are at the core of our business, driving us to deliver a best-in-market, compliant solution to our partners. Our markets include short-term and personal loans.

Some reasons our clients love us

Fast Lead Decision

Lead decision and commission results in under 60 seconds, real-time. Instantly know the value of your leads.

Daily Reporting

Access to daily, granular reports to gain transparency over your campaign performance.

Flexible Integration

Several integration options to accomodate all platforms and technical capabilities.

Useful Insights

Knowledgable account managers assisting your improve campaign performance and your revenue.

Heard enough?

Contact us to talk about creating your campaign with Overflow