Lead Sellers

Maximise your lead potential

Improved Revenue

Overflow offers access to an entire network of buyers and exclusive prices, helping you realise your lead revenue potential. We work with a variety of marketing specialties including email, SMS, AdWords and SEO – with several integration options to provide the best customer journey. Our online dashboard offers real-time insight into the lead sell result at a granular level, with optional API feeds to deliver data directly to your platform. Contact our team today to get started.

Access Buyer Network

Create competition for leads, increase the probability a lead is sold and ultimately increase your revenue.

Improved Quality

Leads are delivered with Bank Statements to improve lender confidence in buying and increase lead price.

Campaign Insights

An experienced account manager will oversee your account and work with you to optimise conversion and revenue.

Online Portal

Access our online portal to see real-time reporting for your campaign. Look up specific leads and review their status and commission generated.

Immediate Lead Result

Lead sale results occur in under 3 minutes. Ability to receive an immediate sell result via the API response to know the exact commission earned.

Easy Access to Funds

Coming Soon! Ability to deposit commission generated directly from your account at any time. Simply enter your bank details in to your account.

Integration Options

Our developers have worked hard to create several integration options to deliver leads to Overflow. No matter how you generate applications, we have a solution for you.

API Integration

Deliver customers to Overflow’s API. Instant approval decision and complete control over the customer experience.

I-Frame Form

Host our compliant application form on your own offer. You maintain the control of the customer journey, we handle the rest.

Unique Link Redirect

A unique tracking link to refer customers to our compliant consumer
offer. All leads accepted will be assigned to your account.


How should I integrate?

As part of the vetting process for new lead sellers, your account manager will ask you about your lead generation strategy and advise on the best integration option.

When do I get paid?

Typically, commission is generated once a lead is successfully sold to a buyer. Accumulated commission is paid monthly, net 14 days. Speak to your account manager if you would like a custom commercial model.

Can I sell leads not in real-time?

Yes, you can. The customer must be present when an application is submitted though. Luckily, we have created solutions to re-engage the customer. Your account manager will be able to provide more detail.

Can I have multiple campaigns?

Of course. In fact, we recommend splitting different marketing strategies up into different campaigns as it enables you to see the true performance of your lead generation efforts.

Do I need an ACL?

This depends on your lead delivery strategy. Your account manager will be able to discuss your options, as we have solutions for sellers who do not hold a valid Australian Credit License.

Heard enough?

Contact us to talk about creating your campaign with Overflow