Lead Buyers

A tailored channel of leads

Buy Smart

Overflow offers lenders a new channel of online customers to supplement existing marketing efforts. Our platform processes thousands of applications a day, filtering against key bank statement and application metrics, to only send leads that are likely to convert. All leads are sourced from compliant online loan offers holding a valid ACL, with sellers going through a stringent vetting process before approved. Flexible pricing models mean we’ll be able to discover what works best for your team, building a long-lasting partnership.

Filtered Leads

Filter leads on an extensive set of data points to only see customers that meet your buying criteria.

Improved Conversion

All leads are referred in real time with the customer actively online, increasing the likelihood of a conversion.

Daily Reports

A dedicated account manager will provide daily reporting and advice on campaign optimisation.

Lead + Bank Statement

All leads are delivered with a full set of loan application details including an up-to-date bank statement from the customer. We collect all this before the customer is referred.

Control Price

Flexible pricing model allows you to purchase leads at different price points. Quickly find a sweet spot that reduces your average cost-per-customer-acquisition.

Volume Insight

New Feature! Volume expectations based on your leads requirements. Giving your team valuable projections for marketing budget allocation.

Integration Options

Our developers have worked hard to create several integration options for receiving leads from Overflow. No matter the LMS you use, we have a solution. This reduces the development time and cost for your team.

API Integration

Preferred integration method. Leads are transferred directly to your LMS . It allows for additional lead decisions and increases lead conversion to funded loan.

Unique Link Redirect

Overflow can refer the customer to a chosen landing page via a unique tracking link. Minimal technical resource required and a fast set up. Great for testing campaigns.

Email Delivery

Leads can be transferred to a chosen email address. No technical setup resource needed and great for call centre operatives to follow up with referred customers.


Are customers looking for loans?

Yes, all customers processed by Overflow are actively looking for a loan in real-time, meaning the customer is online when they are referred. This increases the chance of the customer converting to a funded loan.

Where do the leads come from?

Overflow works with an exclusive network of lead sellers who either host their own compliant offers or direct customers to our consumer website. All sellers go through a vetting process before their account is approved to ensure our lead quality remains high.

How do I get set up?

It’s a simple process. Submit a contact form and one of our account managers will reach out to discuss your requirements and advise on the best integration method. We’ll work with you to agree price points and filter options then its over to our developers. We can have you receiving leads in a couple of days.

What do I need to pay?

The payment model will be agreed with your account manager. We typically work on a cost-per-lead model with invoices paid weekly.

Heard enough?

Contact us to talk about creating your campaign with Overflow